Ingathering for the Master's Fund is June 4

Dear Sisters in Christ,
This is just a gentle reminder that the Ingathering for the Master's Fund is June 4.

A Prayer for the Master's Fund:  O heavenly Father, bless the prayers and the gifts we receive for the furtherance of Your kingdom. Give both the giver, and the receiver of the gift, wisdom and guidance to listen for Your will in their lives. By Your grace, empower and prepare Your servants for the work You give them to do. As they grow in the knowledge of You and Your Word, fill them with Your peace and love and joy and send them forth to meet the needs of a wanting world. May their work proclaim Your goodness, build Your kingdom, and be a blessing to all For His Sake. Amen.

You may address questions to If you are interested in applying for a Formal Education Scholarship or a Continuing Education Grant, please go to the DOK National website. Master's Fund application requirements, process and forms have been revised and due dates changed.