Location Change for Fall Assembly

Dear Sisters in Christ,

We have a change in our location for Fall Assembly on Sept. 16, 2017. 

Fall Assembly will be held at Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant, on Sept. 16, 2017. The new registration form is attached. Chapter Presidents, please email and share it with all Chapter Members.

If you registered with the registration form given out at Spring Assembly in April, you don't need to register again.  Just remember that the location has changed to Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant.

Please put this date on your calendar and send your registration in today to our registrar, Bobbie Puckett. Thank you for doing this as soon as possible!

Please Note:

As you will see on the schedule part of your registration form, we will have the Election of Officers for 2018-2021.

Here is the slate of nominees that will be presented at Fall Assembly by the DOK SC Assembly Nominating Committee.

ary Rife - President

Kester Heaton - First Vice President

Carolyn "Sparkie" Sparks - Second Vice Presiden

Bonnie Knight - Treasurer

Kester Heaton - DAL nominee to Province IV Nomination Committee for the DAL Delegate from Province IV to Triennial in 2018

Additional nominations may be made from the floor on Sept. 16 during the business meeting of the Assembly with the prior knowledge and consent of the nominee(s). 

Fall Assembly is open to all Daughters in good standing (dues current) to attend, and is a great time for Daughters in Training to come with Chapter members to learn more about the way the Assembly functions. However, to be a voting delegate, Daughters must follow the DOK SC Assembly bylaw below:


SECTION 3.)Delegates

Members of the Executive Committee shall be delegates to the Annual Assemblies. Each Daughter in good standing (dues current) is a member of the Assemblies and shall be entitled to seat and voice.  Each Chapter shall be entitled to designate four (4) delegates and four (4) alternates to the Spring and Fall Assemblies.  Only delegates may vote. 


Bishop Skilto is excited to be coming as our speaker!

Bishop Bill Skilton.png

W are looking forward to a wonderful Fall Assembly at Christ Church, Mt. Pleasant, and appreciate the Mount Pleasant OK chapter for hosting the meeting!

or His sake,

Kathy House

President, DOK SC Assembly

If you are a NEW registrant, please download the updated registration form here