Kairos Outside Lowcountry Ministry

I hope you had the opportunity to read about this ministry in the recent edition of Jubilate Deo.  I have attached the pertinent article to this email.  You may not realize that the author of the article, The Reverend Joyce Harder, is a longtime Daughter of the King and serves as the Chaplain of the Christ Church Chapter.  God called Joyce to ordination to serve Him in Kairos Outside and to establish the ministry in the Lowcountry. The Reverend Janet Echols, our Diocesan Chaplain, serves Kairos Outside Lowcountry as Spiritual Advisor on the Advisory Council.

The upcoming Kairos Outside Lowcountry Weekend #1 offers an opportunity for Daughters of the King to fulfill our vows of Service and Evangelism while supporting DOK Sisters in Christ. The weekend is scheduled March 29-31.

Deacon Joyce has outlined two ways we can actively support Janet, her, and the Ministry.

1. Pledge to pray specifically for the weekend.  You can start now!  Joyce asks that you email me with your commitment. mslott12@me.com  Your name will be placed on a strip of construction paper to be fashioned into a very long chain that will create a visual of the prayers of the saints for the Guests.

2. Color the special shield (attached).  They will be placed around the conference center to demonstrate the love and support of the Body of Christ. Mail colored shields to:

Kairos Outside Lowcountry

P.O. Box 2206

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29465

Other ways to support the ministry are outlined in the attached Jubilate Deo article.

Please prayerfully consider blessing our DOK Clergy, Joyce and Janet, the  Kairos Outside Lowcountry Weekend #1 Team, and the Guests with your support.