Letter from the DOK SC Assembly President

My Dear Sisters-in-Christ,

I pray that your summer has been blessed with vacations, family gatherings, new adventures, and a sense of the many blessings which we sometimes take for granted. (Forget the heat, and heavy thunder storms.....!) I pray that you were able to make a little bit more free time to read, study, pray and grow in your faith and spiritual life. Have you found a good book that you would recommend to your sisters? Does your chapter continue to meet in the summer? If you do not, do you and how do you share prayer requests. After being at Triennial and Kanuga Province IV retreats, I know how important our community of sisters is to my continued sharing God’s love and my faith growth. I am convinced that when we meet with our chapters, attend regionals, retreats and provincials, our conviction to our mission grows by leaps and bounds through the relationships that are blessed and enriched.

While the summer finds many away from home, I am excited to share that three chapters have held a Service of Admission for new Daughters of the King. If your chapter is having a training session for new Daughters, I beg you to please let me know when you plan to have a Service of Admission, as I would love to be there to help you welcome them.

I am attaching the registration form for our Fall Assembly which is scheduled for September 21 at St. Paul's in Summerville. In addition, please put these dates for our regionals on your calendar: January 25, February 8 and February 22. The locations have not been determined so if your chapter would be willing to host one for your region, please let me know. Looking forward to being with you soon.

May God bless you with a cup that is running over, and keep you safe in His care.


Mary Rife, President

SC Assembly of the Daughters of the King